Q: Do you accept financing from my bank or credit union?

A: Yes, we do most loan checks from banks and credit unions. We routinely work with lenders to secure loans for our buyers; please contact us for details regarding your financing needs. Please note, we do not offer in-house financing.

Q: Do you offer any warranties?

A: Yes, we do offer a number of extensive warranty programs.

Q: Can my mechanic inspect the car before I buy it?

A: Third party inspections are always welcome. We encourage third party inspections. That way both parties are protected.

Q: How can I schedule an inspection? 

A: Call Peak Autosports to confirm availability, and schedule an appointment. Ask for inspection options and opinions.

Call your mechanic or a new car store and schedule an inspection
Prepay for an inspection.

Please note, a NEW CAR STORE is the best option you have. We also recommend to do 2 inspections, to make sure your mechanic is qualified.

Q: Why should I inspect the car before purchasing it?

A: Due to the nature of this business, mistakes can be made even by someone as experienced as Peak Autosports. Third party inspections protect both a buyer and a seller. We simply do not have enough manpower to inspect every single bolt in every car we sell. What we do is a vehicle courtesy inspection; checking functionality of components and a drivability test. Most of our cars are well taken care of vehicles with very low millage.

Q: I  am an out-of-state buyer. How can I schedule a pre-purchase inspections?

A:Call us to confirm availability

Call a NEW CAR STORE or any other THIRD PARTY INSPECTION COMPANY to schedule an appointment
Prepay for an inspection
Call us, so we can deliver a car to an inspection place of your choice.

Q: How do you price your vehicles?

A: AGGRESSIVELY! Based on the idea of having the most competitive price within 500 mile radius. If you think that our prices are not reasonable, prove us wrong and get a discount. We are an ON-LINE Based High Volume Used Car Store. With that idea in mind, we simply cannot afford to sit on cars for too long. There for we only sell TOP quality cars for less money than our competition.

Q: Is the price negotiable?

A: ONLY if the price we are asking is not reasonable/fair comparing to all the other cars on the market. Please do your research in advance. As a general rule WE DO NOT NEGOTIATE just to be fair to customers who do not expect negotiations. That is the only way to be fair to everyone.

Q: Where do you get your cars?

A: Due to the nature of this business 90% of cars on the market are purchased through different car auctions. We obtain our inventory from 4 different sources: 1. Auto Auctions 2. New Car Stores 3. Local Trade-in's at out store. 4. Local Private Party cars sold directly to us. 

Q: What kind of cars do you sell?


We ONLY sell CARFAX Certified cars!
we do NOT buy BRANDED TITLE cars!
Most of our cars are 1-OWNER cars!
Most of our cars are CALIFORNIA cars!
Most of our cars are Low Millage Vehicles in Pristine Condition!

Q: Can you take my car on a trade?

A: Trade in are always welcome. We buy most of our low millage, clean cars from public. Top dollar is always paid on top quality cars.

Q: Can I just sell my car to you?

A: We buy cars from the public all the time. Give a call to get a free appraisal. We pay top dollar on public cars, because they usually require less reconditioning than auction cars.

Q: I am an out-of-state buyer. I don’t want to pay NJ sales tax. What should I do?

A: Buyer is responsible for sales taxes in the state where vehicle is going to be registered. We can also assist with shipping and transportation. Give us a call to discuss available options.
Q: Can you ship out of state? 

A: We have the best rates possible on transportation anywhere in the US, or around the globe. We don’t make any money on transportation.
Q: Can you ship out of the country?

A: With our 7 years of experience in international commerce, we can pretty much ship anything, to pretty much anywhere in the world.

Q: Why some of your vehicles have no pictures posted?

A: Some of the cars are IN TRANSIT some other cars are at DETAIL place, or waiting to have some pictures taken. We advertise as soon as we buy.  Call us for more details.